Birds of Prey Facilities

Advanced warning that we will be closed from Monday 22nd November, reopening Monday 29th November 2021 and Monday 10th January 2022, reopening Monday 17th January 2022

As owners of Birds of Prey ourselves, we know how difficult it is to find someone to look after them whilst we are (very rarely) away or even when moving house! So here at Haleswood Pet Hotel we welcome in all Birds of Prey, owls and any other birds.

For a tour of our facilities please click here or go to our virtual tour playlist on our Facebook page


We have purpose built aviaries to house your birds and also indoor parrot cages for any bird that needs to live inside. Each aviary has a nesting box and is well sheltered from the elements. All aviaries are secure and safe and are kept well away from any of our other guests so your bird can enjoy a peaceful holiday in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.


We are happy to accommodate any diets required. We recommend that you supply your bird's normal food to ensure they continue to happily eat and do not have a sudden change in diet and we will ensure this is stored appropriately. However we can offer to provide food as we feed our own Birds of Prey/owls with chicks so we do have these in supply.

We can feed your bird as many times or as much as you require and will endeavour to match their normal home routine as much as possible. 

Other creature comforts

If you would like to bring any items that your bird is familiar with or uses then you are more than welcome, including any nesting boxes or additional perches although we do provide everything your bird will require. 

For any further information please get in touch with us and if you want to book your bird's holiday please give us a call or alternatively you can book online, just click on the 'book online' button. Further info on book online can be found here