We are still open and taking bookings!

Cancelling a booking

If you currently have a booking with us that you need to cancel due to the virus, please note that as per our terms and conditions we are not able to refund deposits or transfer them to another booking. We are still open and able to offer our services as we have not been forced to close through government restrictions. It is completely up to you if you choose to cancel your booking but we are happy to still provide boarding for your pets. Please email us with any cancellations or enquiries (info@haleswoodpethotel.co.uk).

Our current position

We have experienced a huge volume of cancellations since March 2020 and we are struggling to survive the pandemic financially. We want to ensure we are still here when things go back to normal and people are able to go on holiday again because otherwise who will look after your precious pets? However we have made at least a 90% loss compared to previous years and so we do have to face that we may not be here come Summer 2021.

Ways you can help:

  • Daycare- book your dog in for regular daycare! We are still able to open and operate normally under current restrictions so give your dog the chance to have a good run and play with friends and come home exhausted and happy at the end of the day. We have extended our hours so we are more accessible than ever!
  • Gift vouchers- you can purchase a gift voucher which will be added to your customer credit, ready to be used for when you next go away. Vouchers are more flexible than deposits and can be applied to any future booking you make. These can be purchased by doing a bank transfer with your chosen amount to:

Account name: Haleswood Pet Hotel

Account no.: 61809199

Sort code: 40-44-50

  • Sign the petition- there is currently a campaign to Save Our Kennels and Catteries (SOCKS) as we have suffered so badly during the pandemic with the majority of our business being wiped out as people have been unable to travel. Unfortunately kennels and catteries have slipped through the cracks of the various government schemes and support available. They refuse to class us as being part of the leisure and tourism industry despite our trade coming primarily from that sector, we are instead classed under the same heading as tattooists and palm readers! You can help the government pay attention to us by signing the ongoing petition- Support Boarding Kennels and Catteries - Petitions (parliament.uk).

Our COVID-19 social distancing procedure

Prior to arrival please email the following to info@haleswoodpethotel.co.uk-
1. A photo or scanned copy of your pet’s vaccination records
2. Your emergency contact details (where necessary) and what your pets diet is
3. If your dog is sociable please provide written consent that you are happy for us to socialise your dog and you give us permission to sign the socialisation log on your behalf
4. If your pet’s will be sharing a room please provide written consent that you are happy for them to share a room, that they have never shown any aggression towards one another and you give us permission to sign the sharing log on your behalf

What to bring-
1. Please provide your pets normal food in packaging that can easily be disinfected like plastic boxes, we will wipe these down with antibacterial wipes.
2. You can bring along bedding that you think will help your pet settle in and any toys/bones that they are attached too but please avoid bringing too many items with you. We have plenty of bedding, bowls, toys and treats here.
3. If your pet is on any medication we can wipe down the box/bottle on arrival.
4. For cats, please ensure they are in cat carriers that can be wiped clean.
*You do not need to bring your vaccination records as you will have sent us a copy beforehand*

On arrival-
1. Please arrive at your allotted time to avoid any other customers. If, for some reason, there is another customer still here (excluding the red and light blue cars) please wait in your car until you are the only customer on site.
2. We will maintain social distancing during the handover of your pet and ask you to place any items you have brought with you next to the gate for us to collect and disinfect.

On collection-
1. We will send a link to settle your bill online so you will not need to pay via cash or card, however you can still do so if you wish.
2. Please arrive at your allotted collection time.
3. Again we will maintain social distancing as much as possible when handing your pet back over to you.