We are a family run business where animals are our passion! We have always wanted our own pet boarding business and we finally made this dream come true when we acquired Haleswood in October 2017.

We have quite a collection of animals in our little menagerie so let us introduce ourselves and our furry and feathered friends...


It has always been Heather's dream to run a boarding kennels and cattery and finally the dream has come true! A Florist in a previous life and a qualified Dog Groomer, Heather has a wealth of experience with all kinds of animals. Heather has had dogs for her whole life, training them from a puppy and competing in Obedience. She was also a Licensed Rehabilitation Keeper when she had a Bird of Prey Rescue Centre and although Heather no longer actively rescues birds, she still has some who would not be able to live in the wild so live out their days at Haleswood, with dinner served on a plate!


Holly had the crazy idea one day whilst stuck at her desk at work that we should move to a big house with land and run a business, making the dream a reality and realising that working in an office might be the warmer, drier option but certainly wasn't the most fulfilling! Holly is the computer whizz and does love her spreadsheets and is in charge of all the 'techy' stuff. She also loves her animals too and you'll probably find her covered in dog hair and horse slobber, but with a smile on her face!


Niamh is the youngest of the family, she enjoys horse riding and training both dogs and horses having achieved her Level 3 with a triple distinction star in Animal Management including dog and cat nutrition. Niamh also loves art and photography and is normally the one taking all the pictures around here!


Our watch dogs are in charge of making sure Haleswood is safe and secure and as you can see our two Rottweilers take their jobs very seriously and even have matching uniform! They spend most of their time searching for treats and patrolling the perimeters.

Lawn maintenance

We have a couple of lawns here at Haleswood and with lawns, you need lawn mowers! Our horses are in charge of grounds maintenance and make good work of ensuring that grass is kept down to a minimum! 

Air patrol

Our owls are in charge of air patrol although they are all rescue owls with various disabilities so really they just like to watch the pigeons flying around and making our customers jump in the dark!

Pest patrol

The resident cats keep away any furry pests who don't have any rooms booked at Haleswood! They can be seen roaming around the grounds and hiding under cars, making you jump is their ultimate hobby!

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