Why is doggy daycare important?

Gives your dog the chance to be independent of their humans

Helps them grow in confidence.

It’s a great opportunity to meet and socialise with a wide variety of other types and breeds of dogs

Your dog will learn how to play and doggy social etiquette

It can help with separation anxiety and occupy their day

Playing with other dogs is a natural stress reliever and it releases endorphins

Doggy daycare at Haleswood

See our dog suitability chart to determine if Haleswood is the right fit for you

Our daycare is open Monday to Saturday and not available on a Sunday or bank holidays

To use our daycare your dog does need to be:

Fully vaccinated including for kennel cough (see our dog vaccination schedule to check your dog has the right vaccinations for daycare)

100% with other dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and activity levels in a range of situations with absolutely no aggression

Neutered over the age of 18 months old (with no exception, see our neutering guide for why we insist on this) 

If your dog is transitioning from another daycare, please note we do not accept "pack behaviour", biting over the back of other dog's necks or dominant behaviour during play or otherwise

No contracts/book as you go

We do not impose conditions on our daycare customers such as a minimum number of days a week/month or that they can only come on specific, predetermined days. Our daycare is flexible and on a ‘book as you need’ basis so you don't need to buy credit packs or "passes" in bulk to use us.

However this does mean our availability can differ greatly from day to day and week to week so we always advise booking as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment.


We carefully assess all dogs before they are introduced to others to ensure there is no sign of aggression or dominant behaviour (see about doing an initial daycare trial). This also allows us the chance to get to know your dog 1:1 before they charge off with their new buddies to play! It's important to us that we get to know your dog, their likes and dislikes and play tendencies to ensure that play remains safe and fun.

We don't cram as many dogs into a group as possible which means they won't be bouncing all over one another, vying for space. Our aim is to only provide positive experiences and help your dog have the best time with their friends.

We actively encourage your dogs to learn through play and basic training but we don't force any training upon your dog, they naturally learn a better recall through interactions with us and good manners through gentle, ongoing encouragement.

Exercise and rest

Your dog will have multiple exercise sessions throughout the day, however unlike some daycare centres we give your dogs chance to rest and chill between sessions in their own, private rooms where they can get a quick nap in peace and quiet before going out for their next play. This also means they are not being put in crates or left trying to find a quiet corner to catch a nap in. It ensures your dog doesn't get overtired or grumpy and agitated. They still get plenty of exercise but we balance this out by giving them the time to recharge.

Our exercise areas are safe and secure so your dogs can run free and off lead which they may not always be able to do in public spaces. We have three exercise paddocks that we rotate between throughout the year. Our main all grass play paddock has different levels, plants and bushes for lots of sniffs and things to investigate to vary their exercise session and the other all grass, escape proof paddock is surrounded by fields with livestock which offers a new experience for a lot of our guests and helps desensitise them to other animals safely. Our third paddock is an all weather area with AstroTurf for the winter so we don’t have muddy dogs (although the spaniels still find a way!). All areas are safe for dogs paws with no sharp bits they could injure themselves on. We provide lots of enrichment including access to plenty of toys, balls, paddling pools during warmer weather and small jumps suitable for all ages that your dogs can enjoy without causing damage to their legs.

Preparing for boarding

Because we also offer boarding services, daycare can be a great way to prepare your dog for sleepovers when you go away on holiday. They get to know us and our routine so when it comes to leaving them for a longer period of time, they are already happy and settled because they are in familiar surroundings that they associate with positive experiences.

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