What we offer

What we offer, all inclusive and no hidden extras:

  • a safe and secure environment
  • penthouse style suites with access to covered outdoor runs 24/7
  • fully heated/air conditioned rooms kept at a constantly perfect temperature
  • rooms are kitted out with vet bed, baskets, igloos where required and plenty of blankets and bedding
  • food served as required in relation to your cats diet (food to be provided by owner)
  • large and fun cat trees in every run
  • different levels available within the suite so cats have a choice and variation
  • views of our cattery gardens for all guests to watch the world go by
  • enrichment activities, puzzles and games
  • medication administered at no extra charge
  • owners on site 24/7
  • constantly monitored and checked
  • access to emergency vets
  • photo updates via Facebook every day

For a tour of our facilities please click on the video below where you will be taken to our virtual tour playlist on our Facebook page

Our cattery

Our cattery is small, quaint and quiet allowing cats to really settle in and relax into their environment. They are not disturbed by dogs and have lots of variation throughout their stay.

We have 16 penthouse cattery suites and are licensed to look after 20 cats. Each cattery suite is big enough for two cats to share if they are from the same family. The sleeping area has two raised platforms so there is plenty of variation for your cat and plenty of space for your cat to have their own privacy too. There is a cat flap in the sleeping area that leads through to a spacious, covered external run that overlooks the cattery gardens and gives your cat plenty of opportunity to observe the various wildlife. Litter trays are situated in the outside run too so your cat can keep their sleeping area nice and clean.

The cattery is light and airy and the sun reaches all of the external runs at various parts of the day so your cats will be able to enjoy a snooze in the sun (when it comes out!) However the inside remains nice and cool and the cattery is heated during winter months. We are continuously monitoring the temperature in the cattery to make sure the conditions are perfect for our guests and they will always have access to their outdoor run no matter what the weather which is essential for their mental wellbeing.

Exercise and entertainment

We provide your cat with an enriching environment to ensure they do not get bored or depressed. They will be provided with various toys, climbing areas and suitable scratching posts and we will offer as much or as little human contact as they require so they feel like they are at home. 


We are happy to feed your cat any diet you require and ask that you bring in your cats normal food to ensure it doesn't disrupt their digestive system. We will feed your cat as many times as you state, again to make sure that there is as little change to their normal routine as possible.

For guidance on how best to pack up their food/meals, please see our FAQs page and the preparing for your pets stay section. 


We can cater for cats that require oral medication over/in their food. We are unable to administer topical medications like eye drops or tablets by mouth due to the risk of injury. We may be able to administer some creams, wipes, powders etc. but please contact us to discuss any special requirements your cat may have and we can assist wherever possible.

Medication has to provided in it’s original packaging with clear instructions for administration. 


In order to come to us, your cat needs to be vaccinated against-

Panleukopenia virus/ infectious enteritis/ parvovirus, herpesvirus, calicivirus (normally combined into one vaccine)- given every year

Feline leukaemia virus (not compulsory and given where required, please discuss with your veterinarian)- given every year

Your cat needs to be up to date with all of their core vaccinations, starting from their two kitten vaccinations (or if necessary, a vaccination restart)  followed with yearly boosters.

We have to see proof of vaccination to accept your cat for boarding. These details will be added to our system to your cats file for future reference and you will receive vaccination reminders and information over the course of the year and on the lead up to any bookings with us. 

Your cat’s vaccination book will have stickers in it showing the brand of vaccination and what they are vaccinated for. Please see our cat vaccination schedule for a full break down of this.

FeLV Vaccine

The FeLV vaccine covers for Feline Leukaemia Virus which isn’t considered a core vaccine but is highly recommended for cats that spend time outdoors.

The FeLV virus depresses the immune system and cats tend to remain infected for life and can be fatal. Preventing this infection through vaccination is highly recommended.

Your vet can discuss your cat’s requirements for this vaccination and will take their lifestyle and risk into account. If given, boosters can very between 1 to 3 years, again depending on lifestyle.

We do not require this vaccination unless your cat is an outdoor cat and your vet deems it necessary.

Other creature comforts

We encourage you to bring your own bedding and any toys that your cat likes to play with and even something with your scent on it. It's important they have something from home that is familiar to help them settle and feel comfortable throughout their stay but of course there is plenty of comfy bedding and lots of toys at Haleswood if you didn't want to bring your own items. We will of course put tags on all belongings to ensure that nothing is misplaced.

For more guidance on what to bring and what not to bring for your cats stay, please see our FAQs page and the preparing for your pets stay section. 

For any further information please check out our FAQs page where you should find answers to all of your questions. If you still need further info, get in touch with us. If you want to book your dog's holiday please see our book now page where you can book online and find guidance for registering as a new customer with us.

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