New Customers

Please note, we do ask that all new dogs come in for a trial before booking in a longer boarding stay. Normally a daycare is sufficient for this. If submitting a booking request for a boarding stay, please also book in a daycare trial or contact us for dates that we may have available for a trial otherwise we will contact you to arrange this separately and pop your boarding booking on the waiting list pending a trial. 

We can only hold your required dates for 2.5 weeks from the time of your initial enquiry/booking. If a trial has to be delayed due to out of date vaccinations or needing to get the kennel cough vaccination done before coming into us, we cannot guarantee that we will still have those dates available by the time you are ready to bring your dog in for their assessment.

Use our Online Booking Guide to help walk you through registering and making your first booking with us. 

Register all of your details online by following the "book now" button. You will need to log in with your email address (this will be used to send all correspondence to) and set up a password.

We will need the following information from you:

  • Your details, contact number and address
  • An emergency contact name and number (please consider who to provide as an emergency contact, we do need someone who is local that can step in if required)
  • Your pets details including name, DOB, microchip number, whether they are neutered/spayed, medical and dietary requirements and current weight
  • A photo of your pet (please do upload a nice photo of your pet)
  • Your pets vaccination records- we cannot accept your booking until we see proof of vaccination
  • Your current vets
  • Sign our terms and conditions (please read these before signing to avoid any future uncertainty)

If you are struggling to register your information online and have used the online booking guide but still can't submit your request, you can fill in our paper form instead but please note there is a £10+vat administration charge for us to input your information on your behalf. You can find the form here or alternatively contact us and we can send it to you for completion. 

Booking Process

Please use our Online Booking Guide

  1. Log into your account to make the booking
  2. The top section with the purple moon logo is for boarding bookings, the next section with the blue sun logo is for doggy daycare bookings so make sure you pick the right option
  3. Click on 'add your pet'. If you have multiple pets there is a small drop down arrow to change the pet you are making the booking for. If booking for multiple pets, you can select 'add another pet' and it will continue to add your other pet/s to the booking if required
  4. For boarding bookings- click on the first calendar logo. This is to select your drop off date and time, we operate drop offs and collections in 15 minute windows and there is a drop down list of times available. Click on the second calendar to select your collection date and time in the same way.
  5. For daycare bookings- click on the calendar logo and select the date/s for daycare that you require, you can select multiple dates on one booking just by tapping required days on the calendar. Then select your drop off and collection times, we operate in 15 minute windows and there is a drop down list of times available.
  6. You will immediately be given an indication of whether there is availability or not for the dates required (green for available, red for no availability). Please be aware it will sometimes indicate that we do have space when we don't and your booking has gone into one of our overflow rooms. Always keep a look out for an email to say whether your booking has been accepted, declined or added to the waiting list to know for certain whether we can do those dates or not. If the online booker says we are full, you can still submit your booking to our waiting list and once received, we will do our best to see if we can accommodate you.
  7. Once happy with all of your details please add any further information you would like us to be aware of.
  8. Your summary of booking can be found at the bottom of the form. Once you click submit, it will come through to us and we will contact you if we require any further details and to set up a trial day for new dogs. Please keep an eye out for any emails from us including payment requests for deposits and booking confirmations. You may want to add us as a contact to make sure you always receive this communication as it does sometimes go into spam/junk folders.

Communication you will receive from us

We do not tend to call you, everything is done mostly by email or via text/WhatsApp/Facebook messenger as we are often caught up exercising dogs or serving customers and find it difficult to chat on the phone. Please make sure you add our email address ( to your contacts to ensure you receive all communication. If your booking/s are successful and we have space, you will receive the following emails from us so please do keep an eye on them and read through them as they contain important information that we need to pass onto our customers:

  1. Thanks for your booking request- the system will send you an automatic email that states you have successfully submitted a booking request

  2. Booking declined or your booking is on our waiting list- you will receive an email to say that we don't have availability but that your booking has been added to our waiting list and you will receive this if we think there might be a chance of a cancellation. If you receive an email to say your booking has been declined, it is very likely we just can't get you in and the waiting list is too long for any cancellations to come

  3. Deposit request- this will contain a link to pay your deposit/daycare and secure your booking within 48 hours of putting in the request

  4. Payment receipt- once payment has been made you will receive a receipt to show this

  5. Booking accepted- once we accept your booking after a successful payment you will be notified of this and this will be followed by...

  6. Booking confirmation- this will contain all of the important information we need you to familiarise yourself with including details about your booking

  7. First booking reminder- will be sent out 14 days before a booking is due to commence asking you to send in your vaccination records if you haven’t done so already and reminding you to not give the kennel cough vaccine within the next two weeks

  8. Second booking reminder- will be sent out 7 days before arrival to remind you what information we need and what to bring with you

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