We do close for two periods of the year during our quiet months. This gives us chance to get some R&R and do any maintenance that we can't do when we have guests staying with us. As a guide, we normally close in the middle of November for a week and the first full week of January after New Year and schools have gone back. 

We try to give customers as much notice as possible of the weeks where we are closed so please keep an eye on this page for our upcoming dates. 

We apologise if any of these dates fall over a period of time that you required for your pet's care. We do find it really difficult if we are told this coincides with your plans but ask that much needed time off for ourselves is respected and request that we are not made to feel guilty for taking time to have a rest. 

2024 Closure Dates

Monday 8th January 2024 - Sunday 14th January 2024

Thursday 7th November 2024 - Sunday 17th November 2024

2025 Closure Dates


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