A boring announcement regarding GDPR

In light of the new regulations coming into play with GDPR in May (if you haven’t heard of this it’s basically all about how businesses store your data, who has access to it and whether they are allowed to contact you) we have amended our Terms & Conditions to cover this.

Unfortunately it means that if you’ve signed our terms since we took over you’ll need to sign them again BUT we won’t be keeping any paper copies of anything and all information will be stored on Revelation Pets (our software system) which is heavily protected and safe so your information will never be seen by anybody other than us and the information held is relevant to the looking after of your furry friend!

We will be asking you to sign the terms electronically, this can be done when you drop off or if you want us to email you details that is fine too. It takes about 5 seconds to sign and the new Terms & Conditions can be found here and also at the bottom of your booking confirmation.

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