A boring announcement regarding GDPR

In light of the new regulations coming into play with GDPR in May (if you haven’t heard of this it’s basically all about how businesses store your data, who has access to it and whether they are allowed to contact you) we have amended our Terms & Conditions to cover this.

Unfortunately it means that if you’ve signed our terms since we took over you’ll need to sign them again BUT we won’t be keeping any paper copies of anything and all information will be stored on Revelation Pets (our software system) which is heavily protected and safe so your information will never be seen by anybody other than us and the information held is relevant to the looking after of your furry friend!

We will be asking you to sign the terms electronically, this can be done when you drop off or if you want us to email you details that is fine too. It takes about 5 seconds to sign and the new Terms & Conditions can be found here and also at the bottom of your booking confirmation.

Here is to 2018!

Well Christmas is over and we had good fun with all of our guests on the run up to the big day. We wanted to give our guests a little something as a present so we made baubles filled with tasty treats and for cats we threw in something to play with too. We dressed all of our doggy guests up and took pictures of them in front of the Christmas tree and we got lots of nice positive feedback from our customers!


Now we are looking to the New Year and all of the improvements we want to make. We are quiet in January so we plan on making the most of those odd couple of days to do some work around the place.

We have already installed new heaters in the kennels and cattery and we want to make sure that even when the dog hatches are up in the kennels, it will still stay warm inside so we are devising some PVC curtains that the dogs can walk through to get outside and back in again but it will make sure their bedrooms are as draught free as possible.

We also plan on giving everywhere a lick of paint to cheer things up a little and planting some nice spring flowers. We have lots to do to keep ourselves busy and we hope that this shows to all of our customers!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2018!

Change is in the air…

We’ve had a few queries from customer’s in regards to slight changes to the operation of Haleswood compared to when it was under the previous owners.

Firstly, we are trying to make our services much more accessible and convenient so we have slightly longer opening hours and we’re happy to accommodate drop offs and pick ups outside of these times where necessary.

We don’t have a ‘minimum stay’, if you want to book a one night stay that is absolutely fine, we aren’t going to impose a minimum of two nights! We can be as flexible as you need.

Dogs are not left unsupervised in the play paddock and all dogs are assessed before they mix with others. They are also exercised multiple times throughout the day and we provide toys and plenty of human interaction! We like to put some bedding down in the outside runs too as we’ve found a lot of dogs like to just sit outside and watch the world go by so at least they can do it comfortably.

We do not discriminate against any breeds either. We have two young Rottweilers ourselves and we know that some establishments aren’t keen on big, ‘boisterous’ type dogs but as long as they aren’t aggressive towards people then we welcome all breeds with open arms!

We aren’t taking cheques anymore but we do have a card machine so we accept cash and card and also BACS if required.

Doggy Day Care improvements coming soon!

We’ve had a busy week with half term and we’ve enjoyed meeting more customers and their pets and we’ve had some lovely feedback which we really appreciate.

We have also had our first Council inspection and we are one of the first businesses in the area that will fall under the new legislations before January 2018.

At the moment businesses who offer Doggy Day Care are not always licensed with or regulated by the Council however this will be tightened up by January. With this in mind we explained to the Council about how we would like to further develop Doggy Day Care at Haleswood and we are planning to convert one of the outbuildings into a Doggy Day Care Centre. The Council are really pleased with this and have said we have some good ideas so we just need to dig in now and make the improvements!

You will therefore be safe in the knowledge that we are fully licensed, regulated and insured to offer Doggy Day Care.

We can’t wait to show off the new centre and we will post lots of pictures on Facebook as well as updating our website with progress.

And we’re in!

So we moved in on Friday 6th October and we’ve hit the ground running to say the very least!

We have met a few customers already, some were quite surprised to see us as unfortunately it couldn’t be communicated with everybody that we were taking over. However, all our customers can rest easy that their pets will still be well looked after in our care and of course all bookings will be honoured.

We can’t wait to start making some changes to make Haleswood even better but we want to make sure that first and foremost, all of our guests are happy and settled. We will keep you posted on all improvements and news that we have.

Please remember we are also running a loyalty scheme and on your third booking you will receive 25% off your final bill.

Moving day is approaching!

So this week we found out our moving date- the 6th October! That’s two weeks away and there’s still a lot to do and sort out. We were hoping to be moved in around the first week of October to give us time to settle in before October half term so this date is ideal. We can’t wait to meet our customers, both old and new.

This week we have ordered a smart new sign that should help customers spot us and we have finalised our lovely uniforms. We are very excited but we are also dreading the next couple of weeks because we have a lot of boxes to pack and move around, not to mention our large array of animals!

Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and we can get settled and stuck in at Haleswood!

Preparation is key!

We are all so excited to move into Haleswood and are busy preparing everything ready for us to start business from day one.

We have ordered some lovely new business cards, car magnets and we are obviously working on our new website! We still have lots of other things to organise and decide on but we have made sure that the first initial things are sorted. We still need to order shirts etc with our Haleswood logo on to make sure we look ultra smart but it’s all very exciting and we hope that our customers will be able to see all the work that is going into making sure Haleswood Pet Hotel is nicely and professionally run.