Doggy Day Care improvements coming soon!

We’ve had a busy week with half term and we’ve enjoyed meeting more customers and their pets and we’ve had some lovely feedback which we really appreciate.

We have also had our first Council inspection and we are one of the first businesses in the area that will fall under the new legislations before January 2018.

At the moment businesses who offer Doggy Day Care are not always licensed with or regulated by the Council however this will be tightened up by January. With this in mind we explained to the Council about how we would like to further develop Doggy Day Care at Haleswood and we are planning to convert one of the outbuildings into a Doggy Day Care Centre. The Council are really pleased with this and have said we have some good ideas so we just need to dig in now and make the improvements!

You will therefore be safe in the knowledge that we are fully licensed, regulated and insured to offer Doggy Day Care.

We can’t wait to show off the new centre and we will post lots of pictures on Facebook as well as updating our website with progress.

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