Change is in the air…

We’ve had a few queries from customer’s in regards to slight changes to the operation of Haleswood compared to when it was under the previous owners.

Firstly, we are trying to make our services much more accessible and convenient so we have slightly longer opening hours and we’re happy to accommodate drop offs and pick ups outside of these times where necessary.

We don’t have a ‘minimum stay’, if you want to book a one night stay that is absolutely fine, we aren’t going to impose a minimum of two nights! We can be as flexible as you need.

Dogs are not left unsupervised in the play paddock and all dogs are assessed before they mix with others. They are also exercised multiple times throughout the day and we provide toys and plenty of human interaction! We like to put some bedding down in the outside runs too as we’ve found a lot of dogs like to just sit outside and watch the world go by so at least they can do it comfortably.

We do not discriminate against any breeds either. We have two young Rottweilers ourselves and we know that some establishments aren’t keen on big, ‘boisterous’ type dogs but as long as they aren’t aggressive towards people then we welcome all breeds with open arms!

We aren’t taking cheques anymore but we do have a card machine so we accept cash and card and also BACS if required.

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